Haunted Birdhouses

hauntedbirdhouses Use paint, birdhouses and twigs to create your own spooky Halloween display!


  • To encourage creativity
  • To celebrate Halloween using arts & crafts
  • To reinforce fine motor skills

Before You Start: You will need tempera paint in black, white, grey and yellow. Have on hand paint brushes for each child. Collect various twigs from outside or gather several pipe cleaners in black, brown, white and green. You will also need a wooden birdhouse for each child, washable school glue and wooden art sticks (or toothpicks).

Let's Get Started! Step 1. First, have the children paint their birdhouses black.

Step 2. Help the kids shape trees from pipe cleaners and glue them (or the twigs) onto the sides of the birdhouses.

Step 3. When paint is dry, use toothpick or wooden art stick and grey paint to draw birds (these can be in the shape of a lowercase letter 'm'. Children can choose to draw whatever shapes they like as well).

Step 4. Glue twigs or pipe cleaners to the sides of the birdhouses.

Products You May Need: