Spooky Sock Ghosts

sockghosts These simple sock puppets are a cute and easy craft for little ones to make for Halloween!


  • To use recycled materials from home to create a fun holiday craft
  • To encourage creativity and artistic expression

Before You Start: Have children bring clean old athletic socks from home (tube and/or crew socks will work best) or provide socks for those who may not have any. Set out Colorations® permanent/fabric markers, scissors and precut pieces of yarn or string for tying around each puppet. (Pom-poms and wiggly eyes can also be used for making faces on the puppets.) Gather recycled materials for the children to use for "stuffing" their puppets, i.e. recycled packing materials, plastic bags, shredded paper.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have children stuff their socks with the recycled materials. Be sure to push "stuffing" all the way to the end of the sock. This will be the head of the ghost. Children can be creative with the shape of the head, but monitor the size. If the head is too big, it will flop over when the child uses the sock as a puppet.

Step 2. Help each child tie a string around her ghost, underneath the head.

Step 3. Help children trim the length of their ghosts with scissors. For a creative touch, cut the bottom uneven/jagged to give a spooky look. Help the children keep the sock long enough to go completely over the child’s fist to the wrist. This will give the puppet enough stability for the child to use in an activity.

Step 4. Have children use markers to draw faces on their ghosts or use wiggly eyes and pompoms (The children could also use collage materials if they wish to decorate them.) The children can also add any other decorations or drawings on the body of the ghost.

Step 5. Now everyone has their own original spooky ghost for Halloween!

Furthermore: Separate children into small groups and have them take turns making up their own ghost stories using their new puppets for props. For an extra special treat, the teacher could provide Halloween candy to stuff the ghosts with also.

Products You May Need: