Rainbow Fish Mosaic

rainbowfish Children will learn about the mosaic as an art form and will then create their very own fish mosaics!


  • To introduce mosaics as an art form
  • To develop fine motor skills and encourage creative expression

Before You Start: You will need a finished piece of mosaic artwork (this could be a teacher-prepared example of this project). Have on hand the following materials: construction paper, glue, mosaic tiles in various colors and shapes, craft rhinestones, markers and crayons or colored pencils.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Show an example of mosaic artwork and explain how a mosaic uses little pieces of materials that all add up to become a big picture or design.

Step 2. Show the children how to make a basic fish shape (they can draw a large oval for the body and add a large triangle at one end for the tail). Have them use pencils to draw their own fish shapes on their sheet of construction paper.

Step 3. Have the children use the mosaic tiles to glue onto the outline of their fish shapes. Tip: Instruct the young ones to use just a dot of glue on each square, or have them use tacky glue pens to control the amount of glue used. Once their fish is outlined in small mosaic squares, students can fill in their fish with more squares and add just a few special rhinestone scales. Encourage them to be creative with the colors and shapes. Have them experiment with different designs and patterns to create the colorful fish 'scales.'

Furthermore: Once their fish are complete, students may use markers, colored pencils or crayons to draw details in the background, such as sand on the ocean floor, seaweed, or small fish around the big fish. They can also choose to create a blue background to simulate the ocean, etc.

Products You May Need: