Color Discovery Wheel


A great hands-on activity for color recognition and color exploration. This is perfect for young learners!


  • To reinforce color recognition

Before You Start:
You will need 3 paper plates and colored plastic wrap or cellophane in yellow, red and blue. You will also need glue, scissors, paintbrushes and paint in the colors mentioned.

Let's Get Started!
Step 1.
To prepare the color wheels, cut the inner circle out of each paper plate; discard inner circles.

Step 2.
Paint or color the back of the outer circle remaining. This will be the frame for your color wheel.

Step 3.
Paint one wheel red, another yellow, and another blue.

Step 4.
Cover the blue plate in blue cellophane or plastic wrap and repeat with yellow and red cellophane onto the same color plate for each wheel. Secure the plastic wrap or cellophane with glue. You can choose to either set these out on a table or attach large craft sticks to make handles for each.

Step 5.
Talk with your students about the different colors, defining and explaining primary and secondary colors.

Step 6.
Show them each primary color wheel, and stack them in different combinations. Have the young ones look through the stacked color wheels to see the secondary colors. (They can stack the blue and yellow wheels and make green, etc.)

Step 7.
Have the children discover new colors by allowing them free play with the color wheels.

You can further reinforce color recognition by having multiple white items on a table for them to place the color wheels over and see the color change! For more exploration use on your light table! The colors will really shine through. You can use translucent tiles and letters as well.

Products You May Need: