Something Should Be Done!

I was standing in line for the self-checkout at the grocery store today. Two young men in their 20s were in front of me in line dressed like they just came from the gym. A woman at one of the check-out machines was trying to control a two year-old (from the child's appearance) who was having a tantrum. The two young men were commenting that "something should be done with that kid." He was out of hand and slowing the line down. One of the young men told me he grew up in a large family in Atlanta and being the oldest he had to learn to take care of the other children. He said that the child needed some choices right now so that his energies could be directed to something useful. I was shocked at the young man's insight! I learned that same information at a brain research conference. I agreed with them that something should be done. All young people, prior to having children, should have some training and background information. That is what should be done.