Personalized Pennants

Personalized Pennants Create simple and unique miniature pennants to show team/class spirit or personal designs using colorful craft foam!


  • To create simple pennants as a fun back-to-school project
  • To provide an open-ended activity to build fine motor skills
  • To encourage creative expression and enhance confidence through art

Before You Start: Provide enough craft foam for each child to cut out a large triangle. If the children are not developmentally ready, the teacher may pre-cut the triangles of craft foam for children. Although the size of the triangle can vary, it is suggested that the bottom of the triangles should measure 8" in length to match a large craft stick. Provide jumbo wooden craft sticks (usually 8" x 1") or thin wood strips of about the same size. Set out small bowls with glue, Colorations® Permanent Color Markers, glitter, foam shapes, felt letters, ribbon and other decorative materials.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Explain to the children different uses for pennants. The teacher may want to provide a few examples for children to see.

Step 2. Have the children cut out a craft foam triangle (or give each child a precut triangle, if appropriate). Have them glue the craft stick along the 8" straight side (or the longest side) of the back of their pennant. This will reinforce the structure of the pennant.

Step 3. Once the glue has dried, have the children turn over their pennants and personalize any way they like. Encourage the children to experiment with different colors and decorative materials. This is also a good opportunity to discuss team and/or class spirit.

Step 4. Gather students together and have them share their finished pennants. Everyone has a unique keepsake to display in the classroom for back to school night and throughout the year!

Furthermore: Pennants can also be made into miniature flags! Simply adhere a 12"-14" wooden dowel to the back of the craft foam in place of a craft stick.

Products You May Need: