Back-to-School Quilt

backtoschoolquilt A great back-to-school activity! A hands-on project that will help young ones learn the names of each of their classmates.


  • To engage in collaborative work
  • To teach cooperation
  • To reinforce social-emotional skills
  • To reinforce shape and color recognition

Before You Start: Send a note home to parents to have their child bring in a piece of fabric or material measuring 6" x 6". They can also use pre-cut fabric squares. Set out fabric paint, fabric markers and extra fabric squares. (You can easily turn any BioColor® paint into fabric paint with Bicolor® Fabric Medium.)

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Help each child paint one hand the color of his or her choice.

Step 2. Help the young ones each make a handprint on their piece of material.

Step 3. Have them write their names on their handprint using fabric paint or fabric markers.

Step 4. After all the pieces are dry, have a parent volunteer sew the pieces together to make a quilt.

Furthermore: For a more creative twist, set out fabric accessories like buttons, crafting jewels or ribbon that the children can use to decorate their squares. The finished product can be used as a wall hanging for the classroom. Another option to try is ready-made canvas squares that act as classroom quilt that young ones can decorate themselves.

Products You May Need: