Sculpt A Starfish

starfish Children explore ocean life hands-on by sculpting their own starfish.


  • To introduce children to sculpture
  • To reinforce fine motor skills
  • To encourage tactile exploration
  • To supplement ocean life curriculum

Before You Start: Lay out several different starfish and discuss their shapes, sizes and color. Have the children examine the starfish by holding and touching them. Ask the children about different attributes they notice about the starfish, and have them compare and contrast the different starfish. Then, give each child a ball of sculpting material.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Ask the children to recreate their favorite starfish using the sculpting material and encourage them to include all of the details that they observed and talked about, such as the bumps on top, tiny ridges, and other noticeable characteristics.

Furthermore: The children can then paint the starfish when dry (these should take about a day to dry completely). You can also create a beach landscape with sea shells and craft sand for a creative, lifelike display.

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