"Me" Puppet

mepuppet As they create puppets of themselves, young ones will begin to explore their own uniqueness through this hands-on art activity.


  • To integrate art into a social/emotional development activity

Before You Start: You will need blank canvas puppets, several colors of yarn for hair (these can be pre-cut in different lengths) and fabric markers. Have on hand an assortment of ribbons and several different choices of fabric already cut out like clothes. Finally, make sure you have fabric glue and scissors.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Lay out all of the materials and encourage the children to select the pieces they want to create their puppets. Allow them to be creative - there are no rules!

Step 2. Create your own puppet alongside the children and show it to them as an example.

Step 3. This is a great opportunity to talk about differences that make each of us unique. Encourage discussion among the children about eye color, hair color, and favorite features.

Furthermore: Proudly display the puppets around your center or classroom and use them for dramatic play.

Products You May Need: