4th of July Watercolor Stars

fourthstars Teach children all about the 4th of July and the colors red, white and blue. Then, let them have some fun creating 4th of July watercolor stars to reinforce the colors they just learned.


  • To teach children the three colors of the American flag while also reinforcing color recognition
  • To strengthen fine motor skills
  • To learn about patterns by creating them

Before You Start: Cover the table and surrounding area with newspaper and have the children wear smocks. Each child gets one watercolor precut paper star. (For older children, allow them to create their own stars – you can show them your already-prepared star shape, and they can cut their own out under your supervision.) Place a large supply of smaller stars on the table – they can be of any material and of a variety of sizes. (These will be discarded later). Fill one spray bottle with blue Colorations® Liquid Watercolor and one with red Colorations® Liquid Watercolor.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. It's a good idea to have one child do this at a time so they don't spray each other's projects. Or, have the children spread out to ensure that they have ample space between them as they engage in the activity.

Step 2. Have the children write their names on one side of the pre-cut paper star then turn it over.

Step 3. Then, instruct the children to take the smaller stars and arrange them however they would like on the larger star.

Step 4. When they are ready, they will choose which color of spray bottle they want, either blue or red, and gently spray the entire paper star, being careful not to saturate it.

Step 5. When they are done, they can tip it over and allow the smaller stars to fall off.

Step 6. They will see small white stars where the little stars were.

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