Crazy Cream

crazycream Great tactile activity and makes fun pastel hand prints.


  • To create original colorful artwork
  • To have fun with a unique tactile activity

Before You Start: Gather materials: Colorations® No-Drip Foam Paint, Liquid Watercolor™ paint, wax paper, newspaper, white paper and paint cups or bowls.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Cover a table with newspaper and then again with waxed paper.

Step 2. Dispense a generous amount of white Colorations® Foam Paint and add several colors of Colorations® Liquid Watercolor.

Step 3. As you create different colors of creamy paint, experiment with painting on paper. Use your hands and fingers to create original prints.

Furthermore: If you like, separate the paint colors you create into paint cups or bowls. Try mixing different colors of paint together and see what you new shades you create.

Products You May Need: