Easy To Make Maracas

maracas A hands-on craft that will help introduce music and rhythm to young children!


  • To make simple and cost efficient instruments
  • To introduce Mexican culture and music

Before You Start: You'll need a small plastic egg and plastic spoon for each maraca. You'll also need an assortment of items to fill the eggs - beads, rice, sand, etc. You can then use fabric, tissue paper, or even colored napkins to cover the eggs. An assortment of ribbons and string will be needed to tie the maracas shut.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Pick an egg and fill it half with beads, sand or beans.

Step 2. Close the egg and tape the halves shut. Then, lay the egg on the end of the spoon (the end that would go in the mouth).

Step 3. Then cut your fabric, tissue or napkin into a large square.

Step 4. Cover the top of the egg and spoon, still together, with the covering you choose. Then gather the covering at the bottom of the egg/spoon.

Step 5. Tie the gathered covering up close to the egg/spoon with a string, or a ribbon.

Furthermore: You can also use festive red, green and white fabric/tissues/napkins for this project. Double up your fabric/tissue with another color or design to make them even more beautiful and sturdier. Ribbon with wire inside holds together really well after it is tied.

Products You May Need: