Handprint Butterflies

handprintbutterflies A great springtime activity that integrates art, science, and the alphabet. Young ones create butterflies using their own handprints while also learning about the letter X. This is also a great opportunity to talk about the life cycles of caterpillars and butterflies.


  • To reinforce fine motor skills development
  • To use art for a hands-on way to learn about science and the alphabet

Before You Start: Be sure you have had the a lesson on the letter "x" before doing this project. Have each child print a large X in pencil on a piece of white construction paper. Let the children choose two colors of paint to use for their butterflies. Make sure you have a sink or bucket of water nearby for handwashing afterwards.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. After the children have printed a large X on their white paper, have them paint the palm and fingers of one hand in one of the colors of their choice with a large paint brush.

Step 2. Help them apply their hands to the paper so that it lies in the proper position with the palm facing in toward the intersection point of the X with their fingertips pointing outward.

Step 3. Have each child re-paint that same hand, turn the paper, and lay the hand down on the opposite side of the X as in the picture.

Step 4. When that is done, ask the children to paint their other hands in the second color, then help them press their hands onto the paper in the two remaining areas, palms facing inward.

Step 5. When done, place on a drying rack. When it is dry, have each child cut out the butterfly shapes and mount them onto sheets of colored construction paper.

Furthermore: These make a great bulletin board display for springtime.

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