Showers Bring Flowers

showerflowers This is a springtime group activty, but can be made into an individual project as well.


  • To make a beautiful garden for children to see and to be reminded of how we get spring flowers!

Before You Start: After talking about spring and the cycle of flowers, make a garden with this fun activity! You will need Colorations® Simply Washable Tempera in various colors and white butcher paper.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Start your group garden by allowing one child at a time to choose two colors of paint.

Step 2. Paint their hands and allow the colors to blend a little, this will make a beautiful flower.

Step 3. Place their hand on the butcher paper to make a handprint flower.

Step 4. You can write the child's name next to the flower when they are done. Do this with all of them, making flowers at different heights on the butcher paper.

Step 5. After the everyone has finished, use green paint to add grass, stems and leaves to your garden.

Step 6. Let the butcher paper dry and hang up for a beautiful spring decoration! Parents and children will love to see all of the different "flowers!"

Furthermore: This can also be done for an individual project, just use smaller construction paper for each child and allow them to make two to three flowers with their hands.

Products You May Need: