Colorations® Tissue Easter Egg

tissueegg These colorful eggs are an easy Spring activity to include in any arts and crafts curriculum!


  • To promote tactile exploration
  • To help develop fine motor skills while encouraging creativity
  • To have fun making a simple craft and Spring or Easter holiday decoration

Before You Start: Gather Colorations® Heavyweight Construction Paper in a variety of pastel and springtime colors and cut into large egg shapes. Prepare small pieces of Colorations® Premium Art Tissue and small paint cups or bowl of Colorations® Washable School Glue. Set out a variety of Colorations® markers, crayons and colored pencils.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Give each child one or more egg shapes you've cut out of construction paper, or consider allowing the children to cut out their own "egg" shape.

Step 2. Demonstrate to children how to wad a tissue paper square and dip into glue, and stick on their eggs.

Step 3. Encourage the children to use different colors of tissue to decorate their eggs any way they like.

Step 4. Have them experiment drawing on the eggs with the crayons and markers to finish their unique decorations. Eggs can be displayed in the classroom for the Easter holiday or given as a special gift to loved ones.

Furthermore: These decorations can also easily be made into ornaments that can be displayed by hanging in the classroom or outside on a tree, fence, etc.

Products You May Need: