"Hoppy" Easter Bunny Mask

hoppyeaster These easy-to-make bunny masks are a unique and fun way to use paper plates and celebrate spring!


  • To encourage children's creativity and build fine motor skills
  • To create a unique mask for dramatic and imaginative play

Before You Start: Collect paper plates for masks, pink Colorations® construction paper, jumbo size craft sticks and pink or white pipe cleaners. Set out Colorations® markers and crayons, glitter, scissors, and prepare bowls or small cups of glue the children can use to decorate their masks.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Give each child their own paper plate "mask." Demonstrate how to cut eyes and nose shapes into the plates. Help the children cut holes in their plates as needed.

Step 2. Have the children use the construction paper to cut two bunny ears any way they like (the shape of the ears is not as important as creative expression) and glue the "ears" on the back of their masks. (Ears should stick up from behind the plate.)

Step 3. Show the children how to punch two holes on each side of their "bunny mask" nose. Thread a pipe cleaner into one of the holes on one side of the nose and out the other, repeating with another set of holes and another pipe cleaner. (The result should be two whiskers on each side of the bunny's nose.)

Step 4. Give each a child a craft stick and help them glue the sticks to the back of their plates. This will be the handle to hold the masks when playing with them.

Step 5. Encourage the children to experiment with colors and designs as they decorate their masks with the glitter and drawing materials any way they wish.

Products You May Need: