Shamrock Spray

shamrockspray Save your hearts and doilies from Valentine's Day. They make great shamrock shapes for this creative and fun activity!


  • To develop fine motor skills
  • To teach kids how to use 'recycled' art materials to create shamrocks
  • To create art worthy of display in minutes

Before You Start: First, you will need small heart-shaped doilies and heart confetti. Prepare by pouring lime, teal, and green Liquid Watercolor™ into separate spray bottles. You'll also need white construction paper and gold glitter paint for finishing touches. (You might want to pour gold glitter paint into a Nancy™ bottle for easy use.) Also, remember to cover your work surface with newspaper or butcher paper for easy cleanup.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have each child place 3 hearts on white construction paper, with their points together, to create a shamrock.

Step 2. Then, have them repeat once or twice so that the shapes fill their sheets of white construction paper.

Step 3. Encourage the kids to experiment with colors by spraying two or three different colors over the shamrocks.

Step 4. Have each child remove the heart shapes to reveal the shamrocks.

Step 5. The children can create gold glitter swirls or write their names with gold glitter to personalize their works of art.

Furthermore: If you laminate the hearts, you can use them several times. You can display these in the hallways or on bulletin boards for all to admire!

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