Reverse-Shape Valentine Cards

reversev An activity to make creative and one-of-a-kind Valentine Cards with Colorations®.


  • To encourage children's creativity and build fine motor skills
  • To make a unique and special card for Valentine's Day

Before You Start:

Use Colorations® Heavyweight Construction Paper (or, try using Design a Postcard cards that are can be sent through the mail!) to create the cards. Gather a variety of heart-shaped and round doilies, Colorations® chubby paintbrushes and sponges, and other decorative materials. Prepare paint bowls or cups with Colorations® Simply Washable Tempera ahead of time.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Place a doily on a sheet of paper and show the children how they can paint over the doily to create a unique reverse design on their "cards." (Doilies can be temporarily held in place with a small amount of tacky adhesive or a paper clip.) The more doilies they layer, the more unique the un-painted shapes on the paper will be.

Step 2. Remove the doilies and let the card dry.

Step 3. Encourage children to experiment with the different colors and doily shapes as they paint their own cards. Have the children decorate their cards as they choose.

Step 4. Fold the dry papers in half to create your finished cards.

Furthermore: For a more durable finished product, cover cards with Colorations® Repositionable Crystal Clear Cover. You can also help the children write a special message on the inside of cards, if they like. Or, take left over mini candy canes from Christmas and show children how to tape two of them, facing each other, on the inside of the card for an edible heart-shaped surprise.

Products You May Need: