Snowman Letter Game

snowmanletters Mr. Snowman wants to help introduce the alphabet! Kids will love to create their own snowman and then practice matching upper and lowercase letters printed on the snowmen tummies and hats.


  • To help introduce the alphabet as well as upper and lowercase letters to children
  • To help encourage letter recognition
  • To have fun creating a unique snowman game you can use in the classroom during the holidays and winter months

Before You Start: Use white construction paper to cut out circles for snowmen heads and bodies, and use colored construction paper for the snowmen hats. Write or glue printed uppercase letters on the large circles (snowman tummies) and lowercase letters on the hats. Prepare Colorations® Bold and Shiny markers, glitter, crayons, colored pencils, buttons, sparkly pipe cleaners and bowls of glue for easy use when decorating snowmen. Talk to children about the letters on the shapes. Show them how they can match the uppercase letter on the snowman's belly to the corresponding lowercase letter on the snowman's hat. The teacher should explain to the children that their snowmen will be used as a class game. This is a great way to encourage cooperation and classroom unity. Note: Each letter needs to have a snowman to accompany it. You may need to make adjustments based on the number of children in your class.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have the children choose a snowman tummy with a letter on it.

Step 2. Once all of the children have their snowman tummies, demonstrate gluing the circle shapes together to form the bodies of the snowmen.

Step 3. Help children glue their own snowmen, showing them how they can also glue pipe cleaners for arms.

Step 4. Encourage children to experiment with textures and colors as they decorate the face and body of their snowmen.

Step 5. Now it's time to match! Have the children find the correct hat to their snowman. Kids can be put in groups and trade snowmen and practice matching the different hats to the snowmen.

Furthermore: Snowmen can be displayed up on a board to reinforce the alphabet when the game is not in use. (Tape or tack up with matching hats.) For a more advanced game, you can use the snowmen to sort out consonants and vowels. Encourage older children to think of words that start with the letters on their snowman.

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