Colored Spaghetti


Children love sculpting with this slimy, slithery texture – but it's not for eating!


  • To have fun with a tactile art activity
  • To encourage creativity

Before You Start: Gather spaghetti and a pot to cook it in, Liquid Watercolor™ paint, glue, cooking oil and paper plates.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Cook spaghetti and drain, then add a little cooking oil.

Step 2. Give each child a small amount of the cooked spaghetti on a paper plate.

Step 3. Add a small amount of Colorations® Liquid Watercolor to each child's portion.

Step 4. To create a sculpture of art, add a small amount of clear glue (part of the kit) to children’s plates and let them shape and sculpt. Children may decorate sculpture any way they like.

Step 5. Allow to dry. Not for eating!

Furthermore: This tactile activity is sure to stimulate children's sense of touch. Ask children what it feels like. Encourage them to use their imaginations as they sculpt the spaghetti on their plates. Decorate with pom-poms, sequins and other collage materials if you wish.

Products You May Need: