Christmas Tree Craft

treecraft A simple, but classic craft for the holiday season. Encourage young ones to be creative, and use an assortment of craft items to "dress up" your holiday trees!


  • To encourage creativity
  • To reinforce fine motor skills

Before You Start: You will need specialty craft scissors that create special patterns and designs (such as scallops or zig zags), green construction paper or cardstock, glitter pom poms in several colors, an assortment of glittering pipe cleaners, and craft glue. You might want to also use glitter to make the tree "light up" even more! You can also use jewels, sequins, or other craft items for decorating the tree.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Fold a sheet of green construction paper in half.

Step 2. On the folded sheet of construction paper or cardstock, draw a diagonal line from the top righthand corner to the bottom left-hand corner.

Step 3. Cut down the line using specialty-edged scissors.

Step 4. Open up the tree.

Step 5. Glue the glittering pipe cleaners onto the tree for the garland, then decorate with the glitter pom poms.

Furthermore: Adorn your trees with jewels, sequins, or other craft items to really make the trees dazzle! Display in your center, or have kids take their trees home for the holidays!

Products You May Need: