BioColor® Ornaments

biocolorornaments A great holiday project the children will enjoy!


  • To create a beautiful, unique ornament as a keepsake or gift
  • To encourage creativity and fine motor skills

Before You Start: Gather all the items needed for this activity: BioColor® Ornaments, BioColor® paint, BioColor® Shimmer Powder in gold and silver, yarn or ribbon for stringing. When setting out the ornament halves, be sure to clearly label the two different sides; make sure children choose one of each side so that their ornament will fit together correctly.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Use plastic ornaments available from Discount School Supply.

Step 2. Place a tablespoon of BioColor® in each half – use 2-4 vibrant colors plus a little white.

Step 3. With a dry brush, add a generous amount of BioColor® gold and silver Shimmer Powder in each half.

Step 4. Put the halves together, shake, turning ornament to coat inside.

Step 5. Separate the halves and allow to dry completely.

Step 6. When dry, put halves together and secure with a ribbon or string for hanging. These ornaments are great for gifts and decorating during the winter holiday season.

Furthermore: These ornaments are wonderful for decorating during the holiday season and also make great gifts or keepsakes.

Products You May Need: