Turkey Picture Frame

turkeyframe A fun and easy Thanksgiving project that turns a simple circle frame into a turkey.


  • To develop fine motor skills
  • To reinforce color recognition

Before You Start: For each child, you will need a wooden photo frame ornament, 5 small and 5 large oval wooden shapes, and assorted glittering craft rhinestones. Have on hand assorted Colorations® markers for coloring wood. You will also need either wood glue or craft glue. Have each student bring in a small picture of themselves, and help each child cut his or her picture to fit each frame.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have each student choose 5 different rhinestones that they will later glue onto the tops of the oval shapes (these will be the "feathers" of their turkey).

Step 2. Next, have the children use the markers to color in large oval "feathers" with their choice of colors.

Step 3. Have students color in wooden frame with brown markers. After large ovals are colored in, glue smaller ovals on with rhinestones (already adhered on top of the smaller ovals) and let dry.

Step 4. Have students put their pictures in the frames.

Step 5. Than, have the children glue on "feathers" (wooden oval shapes) and they are now officially turkeys!

Furthermore: Turkey frames make great gifts or keepsakes.

Products You May Need: