Turkey Name Tags

turkeynametags This Thanksgiving, hold your space at the table with a cute as can be turkey that you've made yourself! With just a few feathers, beads and a few more art supplies, you and your children can make some turkeys to turn your table into a festive holiday display.


  • To create a Thanksgiving turkey to use as a name place holder on your Thanksgiving table
  • To practice fine motor skills
  • To practice practice name writing

Before You Start: Gather materials: Feathers, brown, red, and orange felt, wiggly eyes, Tacky glue, Sharpie® markers, scissors and large wooden beads. Provide each student with several feathers, a large bead, two eyes, and orange and red felt for which to cut the beak and waddle. You could also cut a craft roll into thirds and use one part for the body in place of the large bead.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have the children cut a circle out of brown felt and glue it onto the bottom of the bead (or craft roll). Next have them squirt a bit of glue down into the bead, filling it about halfway.

Step 2. The children should now poke 4-5 feathers down into the glue-filled bead. Note: if using a craft roll, you will need to glue or tape the feathers to the inside of the roll.

Step 3. Now the children should cut a small light bulb shape out of brown felt (this will be your turkey's head).

Step 4. The children should now glue eyes onto the head - and also glue the beak and waddle on under the eyes.

Step 5. Next, glue the head onto the bead (or roll).

Step 6. Finally, the children should write their name on the bead (or roll) under where the turkey's head was glued.

Furthermore: Make as many turkeys as you will have guests for Thanksgiving. Write each guests name on their bead and place it on the table so they will know where to sit. Or, just have students make one for themselves and send them home with instructions on how to make more for their families.

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