Painted Leaf Art

paintedleaf A Fall project for school-aged children. Create your very own Autumn backdrop to decorate your center!


  • To improve fine motor skills
  • To explore leaves while engaging in collaborative artwork

Before You Start: You will need large leaves, a tablecloth to contain mess, tree bark (optional), large piece of cardboard or poster board, Colorations® activity paint, wood glue, small boxes (or baskets) to hold leaves, and paintbrushes. Then, set up paints and paintbrushes.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Allow children to pick the leaves they want to paint from boxes, or baskets on table.

Step 2. Have children paint all of the leaves, allowing them to choose the colors they want to use.

Step 3. Glue tree bark onto cardboard or poster board with wood glue. With their shoes on, children may step on the bark to help flatten.

Step 4. Paint tree bark and cardboard with Colorations® bronze or copper activity paint.

Step 5. After the painted leaves have dried, help children glue them onto the painted cardboard.

Furthermore: You can use the finished product as a Fall display for the classroom!

Products You May Need: