Chunky Glitter Spiders

glitterspider Create a spider to dance with as you sing Itsy Bitsy Spider at Halloween!


  • To develop fine motor and manipulative skills
  • To strengthen name and word association

Before You Start: You will need large colored pom poms or Styrofoam balls painted in fun colors, black wiggly eyes, glitter, glue, 5 pipe cleaners (4 cut in half), and yarn.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Allow children to "paint" balls with glue and roll in glitter.

Step 2. Take the 8 short pipe cleaners and insert into the balls to create legs.

Step 3. Push the long pipe cleaner through the ball making a loop at the top so that a long piece of yarn may be attached to make the spider "walk."

Step 4. Glue wiggly eyes onto each of the spiders.

Furthermore: This is a great activity for Halloween. Use the spiders as fun props for singing the song Itsy Bitsy Spider. Preschoolers really like the idea of making the spiders walk and dance!

Products You May Need: