Fall Leaf Placemat

fallleafmatThis activity can be done as individual autumn place mats or attach them together to make a table runner for your Thanksgiving feast! Goals:

  • To help develop fine motor skills by painting, gluing and assembling their place mat
  • To remember to give thanks to God

Before You Start: Materials Needed: 9" x 12" white drawing paper, Large white crayons, regular crayons in orange, yellow and red, leaf rubbing plates, foam paint in red, yellow, orange and green, foam rollers or shaving brushes, paper towels.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Using the Leaf Rubbing Plates, tape six to nine different ones to a table.

Step 2. Have the colored and white crayons sitting on the table for easy access. The white ones they won’t be able to see and will be a surprise when the paint is added.

Step 3. Show the children how they can lay their paper over the rubbing plate and rub hard with the crayon to get their relief print.

Step 4. Move their paper over all the different rubbing plates to get lots of different leaves.

Step 5. The teacher or parent can write on the child’s paper what they are thankful for when they are done.

Step 6. Take their paper to another table where the foam paint is already in trays separated by color.

Step 7. Using rollers or brushes have them cover their entire paper with foam paint.

Step 8. Using paper towels rub hard on the paper until all the foam paint is gone and their crayon resist is bright. Amazingly their paper is dry already.

Step 9. Laminate for Autumn or Thanksgiving placemats or staple them all together and use as a table runner for the feast day.

Products You May Need: