My Pumpkin

mypumpkin Each child will decorate a mini pumpkin for Halloween fun!


  • To stretch children's creativity by giving their pumpkins a "personality"
  • To celebrate Halloween with unique pumpkin creations

Before You Start: Have each child bring in a mini pumpkin. Gather various art materials for decorating the pumpkins, such as buttons, cork, sequins, googly eyes, pipe cleaners and felt pieces(some kids may want to make hats). You will also need tacky glue.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Arrange the assortment of craft materials on trays or cookie sheets to allow for easy access to the children. Let them choose materials to decorate their pumpkins.

Step 2. Squeeze a small amount of tacky glue into a small container.

Step 3. Give a cotton swab stick to each child for applying glue.

Step 4. Let the fun begin! Allow children to adorn their pumpkins. Encourage them to use their creativity!

Furthermore: The children love making their own creations. No two will ever be alike. When they are all done, let them name their pumpkins. You may want to display their Halloween creations around the classroom.

Products You May Need: