"Green" Trick-or-Treat Bags

tricktreatbags Let’s go green for Halloween! This is a fun and easy project young children can create for Halloween.


  • To teach the children how to recycle common household items and avoid wasting paper
  • To encourage a "greener" way to celebrate Halloween
  • To have some holiday fun making a unique treat bag

Before You Start: Have the children gather empty paper shopping bags from their last grocery trip (teachers may need to help collect some bags) and newspapers. Prepare various decorating tools such as markers, pens, puff-balls, stickers, crayons, paint and glitter. Help the children cut different Halloween-themed shapes out of newspaper such as pumpkins, ghosts, and bats (or cut these shapes out beforehand for younger children.) The newspaper shapes can then be painted and glued onto the paper bags. You may want to prepare the paint and/or glue in bowls ahead of time for easy use.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Demonstrate brushing paint and gluing construction paper onto the bags to cover designs that might already be on the bag.

Step 2. Encourage children to explore different types of textures and designs while decorating.

Furthermore: If you are planning a class Halloween party, you may want to transform the treat bags into unique invitations that the kids can make ahead of time by writing all of the party information on the bags. The kids can use the bags for goodies at the party and also take home to use for trick-or-treating, or as a fun holiday decoration to hang from a doorknob.

Products You May Need: