Autumn Leaf Hunt & Matching

leafhunt Discuss the changes happening in autumn, and read a story about the Fall season, like Why Do Leaves Change Colors? Then, go for a walk and identify different types of trees, looking at the different shapes and colors of the leaves. Collect samples of the leaves and put them on the science table.


  • To enhance students' language and communication skills
  • To develop visual discrimination in sizes and shapes
  • To recognize the changes that occur in autumn as well as learning about identifying types of local trees

Before You Start: Choose several different shapes and sizes of leaves and make a pattern of each by tracing and cutting 3 or 4 of each leaf in fall colors. Cover each real and paper leaf with Colorations® Crystal Clear Cover. Cut out the leaves and place paper leaves all around the classroom, in easy to find places.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Tell the children that someone must have left the door open, and that the wind blew leaves into the classroom.

Step 2. Then tell them that they need to "clean up the mess of leaves."

Step 3. Have each child to find 2 or 3 leaves, and then return to circle.

Step 4. When all the children have found their leaves, play the matching game: place a real laminated leaf in the center, and sing, "Oh do you have a leaf like mine, Please put it on the floor" to the tune of "Oh do you know the muffin man." Then each child who has a matching leaf puts it on the real one, identifies the color, and names the leaf if he can.

Products You May Need: