Sign Language Book

signlanguagebook Sign language can be learned as part of reading time, and this way they can remember and take home the new things they have learned.


  • To learn sign language and have a reference to take home
  • To gain a sense of accomplishment and be able to share the book and the signs learned.

Before You Start: Give each child a Foam Journal. Cut print-outs of hand signs for every letter, and have crayons on hand for the children to draw with.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. For each letter of the alphabet, choose a word – A for apple, B for butterfly, C for cookie, etc.

Step 2. For the letter A, each child draws a picture of an apple; teacher attaches a photo of the hand sign for letter A next to the picture, and so on with the other letters.

Step 3. Review each sign word and its letter daily. The children will love to learn signs for their favorite things.

Furthermore: Children love learning signs and creating their own books. They can become little artists at age 4!

Products You May Need: