School Bus Name Bookmarks

schoolbusmark A fun activity that integrates art, letter recognition, and name writing practice. A great craft and activity to start off a new school year in the fall!


  • To integrate art and curriculum
  • To practice writing names
  • To strengthen letter recognition
  • To create a fun back-to-school bookmark

Before You Start: Cut a bus shape bookmark out of cardstock. The bus shape should be about 8” long and 3” tall. Draw a light pencil line on the bookmark. Provide markers and various art materials for every table, such as sequins, stampers, glitter, foam shapes, etc. Cut two black circles out of black construction paper for each child.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Give each child a piece of cardstock at least 8" long and 3" wide. Have them draw and cut out a school bus shape, and guide them in drawing light pencil lines on each of their bookmarks. You can show them your own school bus bookmark to give them an example.

Step 2. Have each child practice writing his or her name on a piece of scratch paper.

Step 3. Then, have the children write their name on their bookmarks in pencil on the line.

Step 4. After you have checked their pencil copy, the child can write over the pencil in marker.

Step 5. Then, the child can glue the wheels onto the bus and draw windows.

Step 6. Next, let the children decorate their buses with markers and the assortment of craft materials. Be sure to encourage them to use their creativity!

Furthermore: You may want to laminate the children's bookmarks for them to preserve them throughout the year for them to use for reading time.

Products You May Need: