Fun With DeltaSand

deltasand A great icebreaker for back to school. Students will engage in tactile exploration and share fun summer stories about the beach!


  • To enhance students' language and communication skills
  • To develop sensory skills
  • To encourage tactile exploration

Before You Start: Set up both the DeltaSand Kit and a sweater box of regular play sand. Also, select a book about sand castles or the beach to read aloud.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Read the book aloud.

Step 2. Then, have the children share what they like to do with sand when they play at the beach. Encourage them to tell stories about summer fun in the sun!

Step 3. Then, give the students a few minutes to explore each sand box.

Step 4. Ask them to describe the sand in each box, leading them to compare/contrast the two types.

Step 5. Discuss what they like/dislike about each type of sand.

Furthermore: The DeltaSand Kit is simply amazing! Students will be fascinated by the sand's modality and teachers will love the quick cleanup and easy storage! An awesome product!

Products You May Need: