Watercolor Classroom Quilt

watercolorquilt This is a great art project to promote friendship in the classroom. Also, this activity is ideal for a fun back-to-school project!


  • To develop fine motor skills
  • To engage in collaborative artwork
  • To encourage creativity

Before You Start: Each child will need one plain white section of paper towels. Put some liquid watercolor paint in small cup and dilute with water. Provide students with eye droppers and instruct them on how to properly use the eye droppers.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Give each child one paper towel square. (Plain white with some texture works best.)

Step 2. Provide each student with a cup of diluted liquid watercolor paint and an eyedropper.

Step 3. Have students drip paint onto a paper towel using their eye droppers. Students may use as many colors as they wish.

Step 4. As they are painting, have students observe how the colors mix together.

Furthermore: Once the paper towels are dry, staple them onto a bulletin board to create the quilt. You may want to add a border out of colored masking tape to make each of the squares stand out. Then, you can also take a picture of the class to display in front of their colorful classroom quilt!

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