Fork Painting Fireworks

forkfireworks Kids will paint beautiful fireworks on black construction paper for a fun Fourth of July project!


  • To develop color recognition
  • To strengthen fine motor skills
  • To engage in collaborative artwork and sharing

Before You Start: You will need one piece of black construction paper per child, orange, yellow and red liquid tempera paint, and gold glitter. Pour each color on a separate paper plate. Finally, give each child a plastic fork (after discussing the rules of using the forks, the forks stay on the paper or in the paint, not in the air).

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have the children dip their forks into a plate of paint, then transfer the paint onto the black construction paper.

Step 2. Do this repeatedly with one color of paint in the same spot on the paper until there is enough to spread.

Step 3. Use the fork to spread the paint, making outward strokes to create fork prints.

Step 4. When they are done with one color, they can use another color with a new fork.

Step 5. When the children are done, sprinkle gold glitter onto their fireworks, shake off excess, and let dry.

Furthermore: Put artwork on display for the Fourth of July holiday!

Products You May Need: