Name and Letter Recognition

namesletters The beginning of the school year is a great time to use this activity. It is a great getting-acquainted activity.


  • To help children learn alphabet letters using their own name, and the names of their classmates

Before You Start: You will need 1 piece of cardstock per child. Spell out each child's name using colorful foam letters and gluing them onto a piece of cardstock (1 per child). Alternatively, you may simply write out each child's name with markers.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Hold up a card with the child's name.

Step 2. Sing the child's name to the tune of BINGO - point to the name and each letter as you sing the song: There is a child in kindergarten and Kim is her name-o, K-i-m, K-i-m, K-i-m, and Kim is her name-o...

Step 3. Repeat the song with each of the children's names.

Furthermore: You may want to laminate the cardstock to preserve the name cards. Children love to sing about themselves and their classmates. This is a fun way to learn their classmates' names while also reinforcing letter recognition.

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