Pressed Flowers

pressedflowers All you need are flowers, grass, and a rolling pin to make a simple, beautiful work of art - outside!


  • To improve fine motor skills
  • To develop gross motor skills

Before You Start: You'll need an area with a selection of flowers and grass. (Alternatively, you can bring them in from a store.) You'll also need a few large rolling pins and white paper. To preserve the piece, use a laminator and make sure you have laminating sheets on hand.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Grab or cut up some grass and sprinkle it onto the white paper.

Step 2. Press firmly as you roll the rolling pin over the grass.

Step 3. Continue rolling the pin until you are satisfied with how much green is on the paper.

Step 4. Shake off or remove the excess pieces of grass that won't stick onto the paper.

Step 5. Sprinkle flowers petals near the ends of pieces of green grass. These pieces will be the stems of the "pressed flowers" you are creating.

Step 6. Again, roll the pin over the petals and stems until you're satisfied with the look.

Furthermore: Over-rolling can make the page look too messy, so be careful as you roll. Stop rolling when you're satisfied with the look. A lot of green in the background will look like a bush, and less green will look more like individual wild flowers. Laminate the art when you're done for a seasonal nature placemat, or turn them into posters. Just pressing the flowers looks awesome too! Have the kids bring a variety of flowers from their homes and neighborhoods to ensure a wide variety of colors.

Products You May Need: