Writing Bags

writingbags Here is a fun activity that integrates art, science and language arts.


  • To introduce color mixing
  • To develop fine motor skills
  • To strengthen pre-writing skills

Before You Start: Have all materials ready: heavy-duty ziploc bags, masking tape and paint.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Have the children pick two primary colors of the paint to put into their bag.

Step 2. Close the bag and seal it with masking tape so it cannot be re-opened.

Step 3. Have the children gently squeeze the bag. They will see the colors start to mix.

Step 4. Once the paint is all mixed together and spread all over the bag, have the children write letters or words on the bag.

Step 5. The paint will allow the letters to show up.

Furthermore: You don't have to use just the primary colors in the activity. You can encourage the children to make different colors by mixing primary and secondary colors together, or by using black or white.

Products You May Need: