Feeling Nature

feelingnature Encourage interest and exploration of the outdoors with this fun nature activity.


  • To collect, describe and record information

Before You Start: Map out a safe path with several opportunities for the children to explore. You will need tote or paper bags for each child to carry the items he or she finds.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Take the children on a walking discovery field trip around the neighborhood or to a local park.

Step 2. Give each child a small bag to collect items from the walking field trip: leaves, bark, pinecones, acorns, pebbles, seeds, twigs, moss, etc.

Step 3. Allow the children to collect items that they find on the field trip. SAFETY ALERT: an adult should monitor children at all times. The adult should also monitor what is collected so that there are no safety or health concerns.

Step 4. When the children return to the classroom, allow each child to sort through their collected items and choose items that have a special feel.

Furthermore: Allow children to make a collage with the items they collected on the nature walk.

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