The Bead Center

beadcenter We all know about the dramatic play centers, block centers, art centers, and reading centers, but what about a new center that helps build skills? Try a Bead Center!


  • To improve fine motor skills, social skills, creativity, patterning, and sorting

Before You Start: Set up a Bead Center! Gather tons of beads! Big, little, and of all colors too! Get laces, string, yarn, wire, twine, and pipe cleaners. Set up trays at a table, or a whole water/sand table just for beads and lacing! Get mirrors of all types - hanging, standing, table mirrors, mirrors with light attached, etc. Have writing/drawing tools around this center. This is a great place to set up your light table!

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Allow the kids to lace and unlace the beads to develop fine motor skills, creativity and sorting skills.

Furthermore: Change up the beads for the holidays! Add new beads to the table without telling them. See if they notice the new beads! Have a table nearby the bead table with all sorts of sorting trays, cups, or bowls. Make a few laminated cards with patterns that they can follow. Leave paper and writing tools nearby so that they can draw their own patterns. Having a mirror nearby lets the kids pretend to put the beads on, and check out their designs! Have a mirror right at the table, on the wall, table pushed up against it. If you don't want the beads going home - make that a rule for the center - the beads stay in the bead center. Have smooth edged mirrors available, for the table, so that the beads can be on top of the mirror. This looks very cool! Take pictures of their work and display them throughout the Bead Center for ideas. Even add a few digital cameras to the area for the kids to take pictures of their work.

Products You May Need: