Fun Paint Rollers

paintrollers Here is a fun and exciting way to use paint!


  • To use the tools to make a work of art
  • To give the children a chance to make their own painting tools

Before You Start: You will need craft paper rolls, glue and different items that are different textures. Texture items could be: string, foam shapes, pom poms, yarn, pipe cleaners, buttons, etc.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Give each child a roll and allow them to decorate the roll with the materials you have provided.

Step 2. When the roll dries, allow the children to roll it in paint and then on paper to make fun repetitive designs!

Step 3. This will be so much fun to see the wonderful designs the children can make using ordinary items!

Furthermore: Incorporate this art project into a science lesson, and supply shapes from nature that are small enough to be glued to the craft paper rolls. The teacher may also supply foam animal shapes or celestial shapes for the children to use. Talk with the group about what they have created relating to the items provided.

Products You May Need: