"Bee Your Best" Frame

beeframe Preschoolers are reminded to "Bee Their Best" by designing this frame with some nifty bees. Jesus reminds us to always be our best and do well in the world; this activity will be a reminder to the children.


  • To teach and remind children about being their best
  • To use the frame as a reminder that Jesus wants us to be our best
  • To help develop their fine motor skills by painting, gluing and assembling their frame

Before You Start: Gather materials needed: An assortment of BioColor®, especially yellow, black fine tip marker, beads, glue, paintbrushes, cardboard frames, wiggly eyes, wooden mini craft sticks.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Talk with the children about being their best and how the picture frame with their picture in it will be a reminder at home.

Step 2. Have the children go around and comment on ways they can be their best or what it means to them.

Step 3. Have the children choose a frame and let them paint it.

Step 4. While the frame is drying, give the children three craft sticks to paint yellow, these will be their bees.

Step 5. On the frame have the children take a fine tip black marker and make a dotted line flight pattern for their bees around the frame.

Step 6. Have the children take a fine tip black marker and make zigzag lines on the yellow craft stick for the bee's body.

Step 7. Have the children glue eyes on their bees.

Step 8. Have the children glue the bees to the frame with a glass bead resembling their wings on each side.

Step 9. If desired, "Bee Your Best" can be written on the frame.

Furthermore: Have the children take home their frames and with the help of their parents pick out a picture where they are being their best. Have them display the picture frame at home as a constant reminder that Jesus wants us to always "Bee our Best."

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