Resurrection Butterfly

resurrectionbutterfly Celebrate the spirit of the Easter season!


  • To make a stained glass looking butterfly

Before You Start: Cover tables with plastic tablecloths.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Use precut butterfly shapes out of defusing paper.

Step 2. Using Colorations® Liquid Watercolor in the Bingo Bottles, eyedroppers or brushes, have the kids dye their butterfly anyway they would like.

Step 3. When done dying, pat slightly dry with a paper towel.

Step 4. While still wet, using a broad tip, black watercolor marker have the kids make lines on the colored butterfly. (The marker must be a watercolor marker for the black lines to show up.)

Step 5. Now the butterfly looks like stained glass.

Step 6. Dye a jumbo craft stick, pat dry and glue to the back of the butterfly, leaving enough at the bottom for a handle.

Step 7. Write a Bible verse on the craft stick.

Products You May Need: