Easter Egg Puzzles

eggpuzzles Make festive puzzles for your class using Easter eggs!


  • To match shapes, patterns, numbers and letters on different ends of eggs
  • To encourage patterning and classifying by attributes
  • To have fun learning beginning math and alphabet concepts

Before You Start: Gather materials needed: permanent fine-tip markers, plastic Easter eggs and 3-D Gem Stickers.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Take a whole egg and draw a number of dots on the lower half of the egg, and the same number of dots on the top half of the egg. You can also put a capital letter on the top half of an egg and lowercase on the lower half of the same egg.

Step 2. Apply the 3-D Gem Stickers on both halves of the eggs near the split. You can also create a pattern on the egg that is done in the same way to to the other half of the egg.

Step 3. Try drawing shapes that cover both sides of the eggs while the egg is whole, drawing over the split in the middle.

Step 4. Now, break up the eggs so that they are no longer a pair.

Step 5. Place the different eggs into categories - letters, numbers, patterns and shapes. Show the children how the eggs will match-up if they find the right halves.

Furthermore: Storing all of the eggs in an egg carton is a cute way to display the eggs when the children find a match. Also, try switching the colors of the eggs so each half is a different color. Draw the shapes or other information on the eggs and have the children find the matching pairs this way. They will no longer be able to use the color of the eggs to help find the matches, but only the information on the eggs. Also, try using two different egg shapes. Write a capitalized letter on a large egg and a lowercase letter on a smaller egg. The children may find the right information but the wrong egg size to make a match and the search will continue!

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