Shamrock Search


Just in time for St. Patrick’s Day, a fun activity of searching and sifting.


  • To have the children sift through a fun mixture to find the covered shamrock!

Before You Start:

For this activity you will need a sand table or activity tub, one small shamrock to bury, sifters (or, children can use their hands) and a mixture of items for the children to sort through. For example: popcorn kernels, beans, pasta, colored or white rice, beads, or anything you choose! Instead of rice you could use sand, but I like the rice mixture for sensory reasons. It is fun and colorful as well!

Let's Get Started!

Step 1.

Combine all of your ingredients and bury the shamrock, allow the children to search, sift and play in the sensory table for the shamrock!

Step 2.

Children will love this fun and touchable activity as they search for the shiny green shamrock.


f you do not have a shamrock, you could bury a coin or paper shamrock, the goal is to allow them to search through the mixture to find an object, no matter what the object is!

Products You May Need: