Four-Leaf Clover Find

4-leaf Hide four-leaf clovers on a page full of three-leaf clovers. See if your students can find them. With any luck they’ll find them all!


  • This is a fun, seasonal game that’s great for numeration!

Before You Start:

Get clover clipart, or stickers of four and three-leaf clovers, paper, Colorations® Dry Erase Markers,and lamination paper.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Place a number of four-leaf clovers, dependent on your age group, around the page.

Step 2. Then fill the remaining area with three-leaf clovers.

Step 3. Write the number of four-leaf clovers that they’ll need to find somewhere on the page.

Step 4. Laminate.

Step 5. Hand out Colorations® Dry Erase Markers and wet paper towels or wet wipes.

Step 6. Have the kids circle all of the four-leaf clovers, clean the page, and trade with a neighbor.

Products You May Need: