Foot Butterflies

footbutterflies Open the activity with a talk about butterflies. Describe the butterfly as being an insect and how its body is divided into three parts. It has four wings, three pairs of thin legs and one large eye on each side of its head. Like all other insects, it has two feelers, called antennae. A butterfly cannot bite or chew; it sips water and nectar from flowers through a long sucking tube. The life stages of a butterfly are: the egg, the caterpillar, the resting stage (cocoon) and the adult stage.


  • To incorporate a science lesson into the class curriculum
  • To make the children aware of the stages in the life of a butterfly
  • To understand that butterflies are insects

Before You Start: Prepare in advance four pictures of the different stages of butterflies to point out while the discussion is happening. You will also need construction paper, crayons, pre-traced ovals, glue and scissors.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. The children cut the pre-traced oval and glue it in a piece of construction paper.

Step 2. Put the paper on the floor and have the children step on the side of the oval so that the teacher can trace the child's foot (to make the wings).

Step 3. Have the children finish the antennae and color the wings.

Furthermore: What other objects can be used in a new way as a method of recycling? Hold a class brainstorming session to help get everyone thinking about ways to reduce trash and save the planet!

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