Test Tube Color Science

testtubecolor This activity gives children the opportunity to explore different ways in which colors interact with each other.


  • To explore color blending
  • To learn names of primary and secondary colors
  • To make predictions and observe cause and effect

Before You Start: Gather two cups each of red, yellow and blue water colored with Colorations® Liquid Watercolor; three teaspoons polymer crystals; test tube set; art trays; quart jars; markers, and paper.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Day 1: have the children pour one teaspoon polymer crystals in to quart jars and add colored water to each jar. Have the children predict what will happen as the polymers soak over night. Write down predictions.

Step 2. Day 2: Go over predictions, look at jars and have the children explain the changes.

Step 3. Use one set of test tubes for display. In these tubes mix: ½ red and ½ yellow, ½ yellow and ½ blue, ½ blue and ½ red, ½ yellow and ½ blue.

Step 4. Allow the children to make predictions.

Step 5. Use the remaining test tubes and polymers along with the art trays and teaspoons in the center allowing children to mix and experiment on their own.

Furthermore: Discuss children's observations. Did the predictions match what the children saw? What could they have done differently? What did they like about the experiment?

Products You May Need: