Sparkling Sensory

sparklingsensory Toddlers need lots of sensory activities; this one helps build the fine motor skills as well as takes care of a sensory experience. They love this!


  • Build small muscles, fine motor control and enjoy a sensory experience without the mess

Before You Start: You need one bottle of any color glitter paint, a large piece of clear contact paper, a flat smooth surface and thick/wide tape.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Find a clean, smooth surface.

Step 2. Pour glitter paint on the surface.

Step 3. Cover with clear contact paper.

Step 4. Seal edges with thick/wide tape.

Furthermore: Smooth out the bubbles in the contact paper. This activity is a non-messy way for toddlers to experience a sensory activity and build those fine motor skills as well. They love it!

Products You May Need: