Hearts, Hearts, Hearts

hearts3 Valentine season is a great time to fill your classroom with hearts! These large hearts make a great display when hung from the ceiling and stapled together whimsically.


  • Creative expression, fine motor development, hand eye coordination and shape recognition

Before You Start: Collect Valentine stamps for decorating and newspaper or tissue paper for stuffing. Prepare a large piece of butcher paper for each child with two large hearts the same size traced on them.

Let's Get Started! Step 1. Encourage children to stamp and decorate the inside of the traced hearts and then allow them to cut them out.

Step 2. Staple the hearts together but leave a small opening the size of a child's hand to stuff with tissue paper.

Step 3. After they have stuffed their heart, staple the opening closed.

Step 4. Hearts can be displayed hanging from the ceiling.

Step 5. For a whimsical look, staple the hearts together in a sort of collage hanging from the ceiling.

Furthermore: For more advanced writers, hearts can be stuffed with names of people they care for or "love" and labeled, "You fill my heart with love."

Products You May Need: